Relevance in the country

Posted: September 14, 2008 in Isu, Sosial
I'm protested!

I'm protested!

As countryman, I really courious about loyality of our leaders. I keep thinking that the possibility that our country will be like Bangkok or Jakarta or Manila. or we in the transformation form from good-bad or bad-good ?

All the leaders keep blaming each others without focus to develop for our future. I’m aware with the modernization of this country but please do it at right time, right place.

I think that the deloping of Malaysian’s economic corridors are one of the wasted policy that been applied now.

Maybe it good for the business, but how about us the villagers (rural area). The agencies keep lying on the performance & projects growth. So, how the gov put their indicator over here ?

Please laa… I’m as the Orang Muda (youth) tired with this actions anymore.



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