Maths & Science in English Language (E.L)?

Posted: September 15, 2008 in Pelajaran

I was attracted with the articles in Utusan Malaysia, The Star & Berita Harian in few days.

All were talked about our Maths & Science. and I quickly referred to my Mom (20++ years experiences in Teaching Science). You know what’s her explanations & views about this?


  1. There are still have much more difficulties in Maths & Science Lesson in E.L. Why? Because most rural students still use Bahasa Malaysia (B.M) in their family and some of them still no improvement from standard 1 till standard 6, more over till form 3. In urban area there will be a lot of achievement can be find & found. But at rural area the culture doesn’t support for use of E.L in their Maths & Science Lesson even their teacher are the best teacher in the world. Maybe some of them showed their improvement. That a good news for that ‘Choosen Student’.
  2. The Govt. should produce the 2 ways classes in Maths & Science Learning, one in English & another in Malay. Why? Because the teachers can focus in those telented students and others also can learn and educated with Maths & English without no doubt.
  3. The reason that the teachers were irrespoinsibility in using their ETEMs allowance. That could be just related to minority teachers. But others had push all their work and scrifice their life to improve their students but the problem is how can we go forward if our students still at the same level?

So that’s why I’m agree if this course transfer back to B.M but still used in certain selected class or school or school can practice dual class in teaching Maths & Science in E.L & B.M.


  1. Alistair Owens berkata:

    English like most languages has complexities that are best taught by a skilled teacher. The advantage that English is becoming ever more widespread and will be a benefit for the future. Educational games have been been developed as English games to make the learning fun.The question is whether it is relevant for a science student who is based in Malaysia. The answer perhaps whether he wants to complete research or publish a paper in the future. English would then be a huge advantage

  2. selaisepinggang berkata:

    Yeah, I agreed with u. But that example you give only involve just part of students. Not all of them will be come an academician, engineer & etc. Just provide more budget on them but the time has no change.

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