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I have been recently posting about teacher’s professional development using web technologies and each time I do I would get emails asking for the tools I use personally.  I compiled a list of the top 8 platforms I use almost daily for expanding my knowledge and staying updated about the topics that interest me the most. Being a graduate researcher in the field of educational technology and from my own experience of several years  blogging in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, I highly recommend the tools below and I personally view them as the most important platforms for growing professionally.1- TwitterThis is by no means my favourite web tool for growing professionally. I use it to see what the education community at #edchat and #edech are talking about and I also learn a great deal from the feeds of the people I follow. Here are some more links to help you tap into the potential of Twitter for professional development.( don’t forget to follow us : @medkh9 )7 Steps to Grow Professionally Using Twitter This Summer10 Ways Teachers Can Use Twitter for Professional Development10 Powerful Twitter Tools for Teacher’s Professional Development2- Google PlusThis is my second platform in importance. I have been recently spending a lot of time on Google Plus following the feeds other share and joining in the discussions held there. I am realy finding Google Plus a very promising platform for teachers professional development and here are some articles to help you tap into it. ( Follow us on Google Plus)10 Google Plus Communities Every Teacher Should Know aboutExcellent Teacher Tips on The Use of Google Plus in Education20 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Plus3- PinterestPinterest is another socialmedia website I turn to to look for the latest pins in the field of ed tech and education. The same principle as Twitter and GP, the more people you follow the more feeds you be able to access. ( Follow our Pinterest board )10 Pinterest Boards Every Teacher should Know about16 Ways to Use Pinterest in Education4-Scoop.itThis is my favourite digital content curation tool. I have created a specific board on it for Educational Technology and I am also following several other interesting boards. Once you subscribe to the boards you like, you will start getting updates about anything added to them.5-FeedlyThis is an RSS reader and one of the best free alternatives to Google Reader. Using Feedly, I get to read my subscriptions in real time and it hels me keep track of what the blos I am following are posting.6- FacebookI am not really using Facebook as much as the previously mentioned tools but still is worth mentioning here. The trick is to have two Facebook accounts: one personal and the second one for professional development. It is through the second account that you will like pages, blogs and websites to read their live feeds on your wall.14 Great Facebook Groups Every Teacher should Know aboutThe Ultimate Guide to Facebook in EducationTeacher’s Guide to Creating Facebook Groups for Students7- Paper.lyThis is a Twitter curation tool that allows users to turn their tweets into magazine style format. I have been reading several paper.lys papers and I also find new and interesting food for thought.8- LinkedInLinkedIn is a professional social networking tool and I use it to make acquaintances with other educators and teachers from all around the globe. It also hosts some interesting educator communities where teachers get to share teaching and learning resources. ( Follow us on LinkedIn).